How to sunbathe safely

Summer is coming and with it the moment to enjoy, sunbathe and
relax. However, we must not lower our guard and we must take
minimal precautions to prevent the appearance of melanomas.
The first thing we should know is our skin phototype, to be able to choose the
protection that best suits the needs of our skin, although according to various
studies, most of the Spanish people do not know what our phototype is.
How to protect the skin from the sun


We must bear in mind that the main cause of skin cancer is sun exposure. In the
last two decades, the cases of this disease have multiplied tenfold, which
indicates that despite the multiple campaigns in this regard, there is still no
widespread awareness of the risks that lack of prevention can cause to our skin. .
Practically everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, we are aware that we must
give  sun protection on the skin, however, few people use the right protection
index for their skin type.
Among the recommendations to avoid skin cancer is that you have to put
on sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving home, apply it on completely dry skin,
avoid perfumes and alcoholic colonies (since they are photosensitive) and also
keep in mind that some Medications are phototoxic and sun exposure, while
being used can increase skin sensitivity, so it is important to read the package
leaflet of the medications we are taking.
And remember that not only must be prevented in summer. With a climate like
that of our country, we are not only exposed to the sun when we are at the beach
or the pool. We must also protect ourselves when we walk or work outdoors,
whatever the time of the year we are.
It is not about not sunbathing, it is about doing it with a head and taking
the appropriate preventive measures to be able to enjoy the outdoors without
risks for our skin

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