Healthy habits to prevent cancer

Did you know that one-third of cancer cases around the world could be
avoided? The habits that we practice throughout our daily life are the key to enjoy
better well-being and prevent an evil such as cancer. Today we tell you what
you can do in your daily life to get ahead of your symptoms.
Cancer as the disease of the 21st century

Cancer, tumor or malignancy, as a generic term used to designate a variety of
diseases that can affect different parts of our body, stands as the leading cause of
mortality worldwide, reaching a total of 8, 2 million deaths and 14 million new
cases in 2012, if we follow the official data provided by WHO (World Health

We can not leave aside a reality that reflects the studies carried out in this regard,
which tell us about the fact that tobacco consumption is the most important risk
factor, being the cause in more than 20% of cancer cases in general terms. and in
more than 70% in the case of deaths from lung cancer worldwide.
Other factors that could be the cause of cancer worldwide in more than 30% of
cases are related to a lack of physical activity, alcohol consumption, obesity or
the absence of fruits and vegetables in the daily intake. Pulmonary, hepatic, gastric,
colorectal, mammary or esophagus are some of the many existing types of
cancer. Once again, the WHO states that throughout 2012, the most frequent
cancer cases in women were breast, colon, rectum, lung, stomach, and cervix,
while in the case of men they focused on other modalities such as prostate or
liver, in addition to those mentioned in the case of the female population.
Given these figures, we realize that cancer is a present reality in the 21st century
society, which we can avoid if we really adopt the necessary measures and
changes in our lives. The Spanish Association against Cancer does not hesitate to
say that around 70% or 80%of cancer cases are due to purely external factors,
which the same person can modify if it is proposed from an early stage. Likewise,
the early arrest of cancer  as well as the application of simple and practical
treatments for its ailment will help to reduce the death rate from cancer

How to prevent cancer

-The first thing we have to do to prevent this type of affections is what would be
framed within the so-called primary prevention actions such as, for example,
those aimed at modifying certain unhealthy habits, a change that can be carried
out in practice provided that we have sufficient and truthful information about
some of the risk factors mentioned above and determine to what extent they can

be harmful to our health. Thus, the person may become aware of the risk
involved in such practice.
Later, we would find the actions linked to secondary prevention,  aimed at early
detection of malignant tumors through a technical process known as the
screaming or screening technique.
-The habits we must follow to prevent this type of disease are related to moving
tobacco away from our lives, an avoidable risk that, as we have seen in previous
lines, is the most prominent cause of death in the entire world. Tobacco smoke is
capable of causing many types of cancer ranging from the esophagus, larynx,
mouth, throat, bladder, pancreas and even cervix.
-The alcohol is another habit harmful to our health and avoidable on our part, if
we really intend to relegate it to the background. The types of cancer-related to
the pharynx, larynx and esophagus, liver, colon, rectum and breast are the most
common associated with frequent consumption of alcohol.
-The food, as we know, is one of the most important pillars in our life, because it
is what gives us all the essential nutrients, whether in the form of minerals or
vitamins we need to move forward.

Experts believe that changing our eating habits is also key to preventing
cancer. So much so that there are many different studies and cases that tell us
about the relationship between overweight or obesity with cancers in the
esophagus, rectum, colon, breast, endometrium or kidney.
In this sense, it is convenient to bet on the consumption of fruits and
vegetables to form a mechanism of protection in our body against this
evil. Among them, we can highlight foods such as broccoli, onion, rosemary, soy,
green tea, tomato or garlic. Likewise, we must avoid the excessive consumption of
red meat , given that in many cases this consumption has been related to
colorectal cancer. Not for that reason we have to cancel the consumption of this
type of food rich in animal proteins or iron, but we must reduce its presence in
our daily diet.

-The antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E or beta-carotene that is present in
very diverse fruits and vegetables will help us fight against the presence of free
radicals, which cause premature aging of our cells.
-With food, we have to talk about the practice of sport in our daily lives, a habit
that in addition to toning our body, distract us and keep worries away from our
mind, will help us avoid falling into overweight and a sedentary attitude and ,
therefore, suffer from conditions such as cancer.
-Also, we must avoid exposure for a long time, especially during the central hours
of the day, in sunlight. To avoid the damaging effects of the sun, we have to use
adequate sunscreens either in the form of creams or solar milks, use sun glasses
to prevent the appearance of cataracts, as well as wear a shirt and cap when
practicing outdoor sports.
In our hands we have the ability to avoid an evil like cancer by gripping our body
with its dark and gloomy mantle. We only have to bet on a healthier life from an
early age and not fall into some of the excesses mentioned in previous lines. In
this way, we can reduce the risk of suffering from this type of disease.
What other habits would you add to the list exposed in previous lines to prevent
cancer ?


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