The importance of vitamin D to sleep well

That vitamin D is essential to sleep well is something that science is lately
demonstrating with various investigations. Now, finally, you will understand why
there are times when you feel tired and you do not know the reason.

Vitamin D, or also called calciferol or anthracitic, is responsible for the proper
formation of teeth and bones and the proper functioning of the nervous system
and our joints.
In addition, it is also responsible for the absorption of phosphorus and calcium,
the production of hormones and of course to fall asleep to sleep well, although it
does so indirectly.

How does Vitamin D affect sleeping well?

According to recent research from the Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical
Sciences in Iran, conducted with subjects between 20 and 50 years of age, people
with vitamin D deficiency, slept scarcer hours and showed a worse quality of sleep.
The reason for the difficulty in sleeping well seems to be that a deficiency of
vitamin D causes cardiovascular problems and the immune system, which in turn
would generate discomfort, pain, and fatigue, thus affecting the hours of sleep
and preventing sleep.

Where can we get Vitamin D?

When it comes to dealing with this problem and being able to sleep well, there is
nothing better than having a good supply of Vitamin D. For this, we can speak of
three sources.
Sunbathing: it really is the most abundant source of vitamin D and that it can not
contribute the most. Of course, remember that you have to expose yourself to
the sun at the right time.

food:we can find small amounts in fatty fish such as salmon or tuna.

Supplements: do not forget that this way of obtaining vitamin D has to be
checked by a professional.

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