The importance of calcium for bones

The calcium is a mineral essential for the health of our bones and teeth. Keep in
mind that bones are made up of approximately 70% calcium and that the lack of
this mineral can cause diseases such as osteoporosis or rickets.
The calcium is very important in our body. It is the mineral that we possess in
greater quantity in our body. Most of it is concentrated in the bones and teeth –
around 99% -. The remaining 1% is carried by body tissues, blood, and neurons.
The health of our bones depends on the amount of calcium they contain. Let us
not forget that it is an aspect of extreme transcendence since the calcium stored
in the bones works as a deposit to preserve vital functions.

If there is calcium deficiency, people can develop bone fractures sooner or
later. One of the most common diseases is osteoporosis, characterized by a
decrease in bone mass. The bones would lack calcium so that they can fracture
with greater fragility.
Another disease caused by the absence of calcium is rickets that produces
deformities in the skeleton. In the same way, more disorders such
as hypertension can develop.
Therefore, calcium is an essential mineral for muscle contraction, the
transmission of nerve impulses, and the coagulation of blood. There are
many foods that contain calcium such as dairy products ( milk is the best source of
calcium because it contains vitamin D, which increases mineral absorption),
vegetables, broccoli or legumes among others.
In the same way, there are products designed for those people who can
not tolerate dairy products. For example, some bread and orange juices contain
a proportion of calcium suitable for our body. In addition to having a Calcium-rich
diet, experts recommend doing physical activity to improve bone health.

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