Tryptophan, magnesium and vitamin B6 for a healthy life

The magnesium is involved in energy metabolism and activation of enzymes that
release glucose, establishing itself as one of our best allies to overcome the many
daily tasks. In our Health blog, we talk about a food supplement with this mineral
present in its composition along with other essential elements such
as tryptophan and vitamin B6.

Between 70% and 80% of people suffer today lack of magnesium, so that when
we do not have enough in the body, our delicate cell mechanics begins to block
and it is at that moment when disorders appear as stress, anxiety, insomnia,
fatigue or fatigue. Experts recommend taking between 300 and 400 mg of this
mineral per day through food, but the truth is that our usual diet provides us on
average twice less than this amount. Most of the food rich in chlorophyll such as
vegetables, nuts such as walnuts or almonds, legumes, cereals such as millet or
brown rice, as well as other products such as lemon, figs, grapefruit or corn
contain in their nutritional composition magnesium as one of its most important

In addition to intervening in the energy metabolism as previously
mentioned, magnesium also participates in the maintenance of the teeth, the

heart and bones favor the formation of proteins and intervene in the
contraction and nerve transmission.

To provide the dose of this mineral that our body needs and not be short with the
diet that we include in the daily diet, we suggest betting on supplements such
as Tryptophan with Magnesium and Vitamin B6 Ana Maria LaJusticia. Located in
the chains that make up proteins, L-Tryptophan is an amino acid that is obtained
from foods such as eggs, milk, fish or nuts. Precisely when we are more tired and
weakened, the contribution of tryptophan is essential.
Through the L-Tryptophan, a neurotransmitter known as Serotonin is formed,
which will provide us with that tranquility and tranquility that we seek so much
when stress overflows. At the same time intervenes in the formation of
Melatonin, a hormone that will allow us to have restful sleep.
Along with magnesium, vitamin B6 present in this supplement will not only help
us reduce fatigue and fatigue, but also contributes to the proper functioning of
the nervous system. More specifically, vitamin B6 is also useful to contribute to
the proper metabolism of glycogen and proteins, as well as the correct formation
of red blood cells. It also contributes to the normal synthesis of cysteine and the
metabolism of homocysteine.
It is advisable to take this food supplement in the most stressful moments or
when we are more decayed or exhausted. More specifically, they have to take
two tablets a day, divided between lunch and dinner. The mere fact of taking it at
night will help us fall asleep and provide that much-needed rest after a hard day's
work. Being a food, you must remember that it has no adverse effect.

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