A quality mattress is the basis of a good rest

Sleeping in good  mattresses  is essential to ensure a proper rest. A deep and
restful sleep can help prevent health problems.
We spend more than a third of our lives in bed, so it is important to do it on a
suitable surface to get all the benefits that sleep can bring to our body.

What are the benefits of a good rest?

An optimal rest helps the nervous system . Anxiety or insomnia affect our nervous
system unfavorably, so choosing a mattress of good quality that allows us a
restful sleep will help us reduce or eliminate these problems.
It is also  good for our brain . Sleeping well helps our mind to organize all the
information that has been acquired during the day, to memorize and study.
A good mattress  prevents lumbar and circulatory problems . The specialists
recommend a mattress of medium-high firmness that supports the spine well and
adapts to the curvatures of our back.
The dream is  fundamental for the performance of athletes . By eliminating
fatigue the possibility of suffering injuries is reduced and, in addition, the learning
capacity increases, allowing us to improve our ability to acquire and develop
complex motor activities.
If your mattress is old or in poor condition can give you many problems, such as
allergies, dermatitis and asthma (due to the accumulation of mites), fatigue,
irritability or nervousness, decreased attention and drowsiness. It can also cause
disorders of the spine, such as scoliosis.
Experts associate an incorrect sleep to a shorter life and premature aging, so they
advise us to choose a good mattress that adapts to our body, since  sleeping well
is investing in health. The quality of our rest affects our quality of life.

How to choose the right mattress

When we go to choose a mattress there are some elements that we must take
into account. As a general rule, we must find one that suits our body (our weight
and height, our position or temperature) and above all that allows a perfect

support of the lower back. The ideal is to opt for an average firmness,
compensating the hardness of our mattress with its support.
Today there is a large number of mattress offers on the market  , but before
choosing, we must take into account that  mattresses  of good quality are a
guarantee that our back and muscles will be protected, because they distribute
the weight of our body properly and adapt correctly to the curvature of our spine.

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