What is lactose intolerance? Alternative foods

Lactose is the sugar in milk and when we talk that a person has lactose
intolerance it means that their body is not able to digest lactose. This is because
the body is not able to produce enough lactase, which is the enzyme that makes
it possible to digest lactose.
The lactose intolerance is far more common than might at first seem. People who
suffer from it suffer pain and discomfort in the stomach such as gas or bloating
after consuming foods that have lactose.
There are different degrees of intolerance, depending on each person, in some
cases it will suffice that they take a small amount to feel the symptoms and in
other cases milder they will need at least two glasses to feel these discomforts.
Keep in mind that milk provides our body with the calcium it needs, so it is
usually a staple in the diet. However, people who are lactose intolerant can not
consume it, because as we have seen your body rejects it.

Alternatives to milk

Fortunately, today there are alternatives to cow's milk in vegetable drinks. For
the example we can find in the market the so-called soy, almond, rice or oat milk.
In addition, it is possible to find cow's milk to which the manufacturers have
extracted the lactose. There is also low milk lactose. Depending on the level of
tolerance of each one may take one type or another.
Among all these vegetable drinks, the so-called soy milk is the most normal and
we can also find it in the form of yogurt or other derivatives. The almond is also
very good to lower cholesterol levels. If we talk about rice milk is an easy
digestion drink, which is also very rich in fiber and also helps lower cholesterol. It
is also recommended for people with celiac disease or diabetics. Finally, oat
milk incorporates a large amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

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