The importance of good facial hygiene in men

While some years ago it was considered skin care as a purely feminine issue,
nowadays more and more men are deciding to join this routine. And is that
contrary to what is sometimes believed, adequate facial hygiene not only helps

us improve our appearance, but also to protect ourselves and prevent certainly
health problems.
First of all, we must take into account the characteristics of male skin. For
example, it produces more fat than the female dermis and is between 25% and
30% thicker. This means that, in general, it is less prone to the appearance of
wrinkles, although it suffers other irritations more easily. In addition, shaving with
the wrong products can cause significant damage.

Facial routine for men

Hence, experts advise us to adopt a daily facial hygiene routine, whether we are
men or women. It is essential to spend a few minutes caring for our faces every
morning and night. We can start by washing it well with plenty of water and a bar of soap
or facial cleansing gel, especially for our skin type.
After drying completely, we will wet a cotton disc with a facial tonic for men, and
apply it to the face with small touches, then moisturize the skin with a cream. In
this way, the product will be absorbed more quickly and its results will be
optimal. In addition, it is recommended to exfoliate the skin of the face once a
week, of course with a product indicated for it.
As we said, it is not only an aesthetic question but also one of the health. By keeping
the skin in good condition we prevent dermatological problems such as acne,
dermatitis, dryness, itching, cracks or burns. In particular, the area of the beard is
the most sensitive in men, so they should pay special attention to previous care,
during and after shaving.

In this sense, it is essential to have the right tools to achieve a good shave, that do
not irritate our skin and offers optimal results. In Trondheim, an online shop
specializing in accessories for men, we find some examples.
The first of these is a shaving soap from the well-known Italian brand Proraso,
which contains sandalwood and shea butter, which help soften and nourish the
skin. It does not possess any toxic substance; on the contrary, it includes vitamins,
minerals, and antioxidants designed to obtain a more pleasant shave.

Next, we see an ideal option for the most traditional ones. It is a
traditional double-edged razor, with a safety bar, of the Parker brand. The steel
with which it is made gives it enough weight to make shaving easier; in particular,
80 gr. The handle has a length of 9.6 cm, and the total length of the razor is 10.5
On the other hand, we find a refreshing aftershave lotion from the brand Razor
Mo, ideal to complete the shave. It is formed by antioxidant and healing plants
that protect our skin, preventing irritations. In addition, it improves its
appearance and provides great hydration.

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